“A Bunch of Fictions” is a roundup of the best creative writing and creative branding classes in NYC 2018

Creative Writing: The Art of Writing – An introductory class on the art of writing, designed to teach students the fundamentals of creating and communicating ideas in a professional writing environment.

Creative Writing – A Bunch Of Fictions: The Literary and Non-Literary Art of Branding – This class focuses on branding, and how to find the best way to promote your work, while also learning about marketing and how it can impact your brand.

Creative Marketing: Marketing for the Creative – This course is designed to help students create effective marketing campaigns, while learning about what to do when you’re in the market for new creative products and services.

The Great Writers Workshop – This series of six courses aims to introduce writers to the art and science of writing.

It is designed for students who want to master the craft of writing while gaining practical knowledge.

Creative writing courses at New York City schools will be taking place in the coming weeks.

Check out our NYC school calendar to see the schedule and classes that will be happening in your area.