Creative Writing Degree for $10K is Up for Bid in New York

With the help of $10,000 in funding from a private angel investor, NYU has announced the launch of the New York City’s first Creative Writing degree for $100,000.

The NYU Creative Writing program is based in Manhattan’s prestigious Dumbo Art Museum, and it’s being offered to students in Creative Writing and Art History majors.

“This is an incredibly ambitious undertaking, but we are making it happen,” said Dwayne Guggenheim, the dean of the NYU School of the Arts, who helped organize the program.

“This is a great opportunity for a group of students who have worked together to come together, work on the same thing, and to build a platform to get the kind of creative work that NYU and the NYU College of Design are known for.”

The NYU Creative writing program is part of NYU’s larger program of Creative Writing programs, which aims to cultivate and nurture creative work in the field of design and communication.

The program’s goal is to foster creative work for both students and faculty, as well as to increase awareness of the profession and its importance.

The NYU program is in its third year, with an emphasis on students in Art History and Creative Writing, and will focus on creating works of art and design from a variety of disciplines.

The Art History major has the distinction of being one of the first major fields in the United States to offer a creative writing degree.

Guggenheimer said the NYU program’s focus on students focused on “art, design, and performance” and the fact that they can focus on writing is part and parcel of the program’s mission.

“It’s about putting a creative lens on what a design program is about, and how we can apply the skills that we have,” he said.

While the NYU Creative Writers program is one of a handful of NYU programs that offer a Creative Writing diploma, there are others offering the same degree as the NYU one.

The Creative Writing Concentrations program, which offers a degree in Design and Communication from the NYU school of the arts, is also in its fourth year.

That program offers students a variety and breadth of skills in design and communications.

In addition, there is the Art and Visual Communications Concentration program, a degree that focuses on the practice of graphic design, as a professional, and the Art History program, an advanced degree in Art and Design.

The NYACU Creative Writing Program has been offered for a number of years, but it was only announced recently that it was going to launch.

The New York Academy of Arts and Design, which is part owned by the Art Museum and has its own school of creative writing, is currently reviewing the program to see if it can offer a similar program.