Australian creative tattoos could be worth $150 million

A creative tattoo artist has unveiled the first Australian tattoo on offer in a deal worth more than $150,000.

The tattoo of a bird with the words “Gone Gone” and the words ”Go Home” was made by a man named Mark, who also claims to be the creator of the tattoo of the woman he is dating.

Mark told the tattoo will be on display for about a month at the Australian Art Tattoo Show in Melbourne.

“We have been working on this tattoo for a while, and it’s really a very unique one that has a very different history to most tattooed things, and is actually a tattoo of an animal,” Mr Mark said.

He said the idea for the tattoo came from his mother, who had a tattoo made of her dog and had a similar tattoo on her son.

“She had a dog tattoo, but her son was not interested in a dog and she wanted him to have a tattoo, so we made the first tattoo of his that had the words ‘Go Home’,” Mr Mark explained.

Mr Mark said the tattoo is being made using a process that involves applying a paint to a tattooable substance.

“Basically, the paint is the glue that holds it together,” Mr Marks said.

“You can see it being rubbed into the skin, which allows it to be bonded with the tattoo.”

Mr Mark also said the man has made a promise to pay $150 for each tattoo.

“I’ll give you $150 to tattoo the tattoo, and if you keep it for five years, we’ll pay you back.”

It’s a little more expensive than other tattooing services, but if you can keep it a tattoo for five more years, you can actually get the tattoo,” Mr Ross said.

The tattoo is one of two designs to be displayed at the exhibition.

The other is a tattoo that features a smiling face and the phrase “Be the first to tell your friends” next to a heart.