How to be a ‘creative writer’ with ‘creativity’

“When you start your career as a writer, you have to be creative.”

– Dan Ozzi “When I first started writing, I wrote as if I were writing a novel.”

– Mike Flanagan “I had to write a book.

I wrote my book.

Then I had to tell people that book.

When I started, I had no idea how to write.”

– Jeff Kinney “I just wrote, and then I had all these stories to tell.”

– David Baldacci “I have a feeling that people were surprised at my success, that I was the only person that could write in that genre.”

– Eric Schwitzgebel “I’m not sure I was creative, but I did what I could to make it interesting.

I think I was writing about this thing, that thing.

I was always looking for new things.”

– Scott Alexander “I wrote books because I liked to write.

I wanted to write about things that weren’t there.”

– Paul Auster “If you’re a writer you have a creative impulse.”

– Tom Stoppard “A creative impulse is something that goes back to the earliest childhoods, a feeling for what you want to do.”

– Jim Jarmusch “I think you’re going to be lucky if you can find a story that has the emotional power to make you think, ‘I want to write that.'”

– Brian Michael Bendis “If I want to be successful, I have to have a clear, simple, and simple plan.”

– Peter Milligan “If people are going to spend a lot of time reading a book, they’re going get a lot out of it.”

– Neil Gaiman “I never thought I’d write a novel.

I’d never had a novel written before.

I had the urge to write and it didn’t work out.”

– Steve Martin “When we were writing the first draft of a novel, we didn’t have any real plan.

We just said, ‘Here’s what we want to say, here’s what the character is thinking.’

I had this kind of idea that we were just going to go in, we were going to write it, and it was going to happen.

And that’s exactly what happened.”

– Jodi Picoult “If a story needs to be true, it has to be real.”

– James Ellroy “The biggest mistake I’ve ever made was not putting in enough effort to do it.

I don’t want to put in a ton of effort to get the story right.

I know the rules of how much effort to put into a story, and I don.

I just want to get it right.”

– Jonathan Lethem “When it comes to writing, you never have enough time to get a word or two wrong.”

– Patrick Rothfuss “I do write about people and things that aren’t my world.”

– Philip Roth “It is the same with life.

There is no more important thing than to write the story you want.

I like to be surprised.

I want people to be amazed.

I also like to have fun and see what happens.”

– Mary Roach “It’s hard to write good stuff when you’re constantly on the edge of your seat.”

– Mark Twain “It was the most exhausting thing that I’ve done.”

– Bob Weir “The truth is, you don’t need to write your own words.

You don’t have to write anything.

You just have to go with what’s there.

You can just go out and write whatever you want.”

– Bill Condon “The best writers know that there are certain things they want to see in their characters.”

I write about my favorite things, and the worst things, but most of the things I love.” “

– William Shakespeare “When someone asks me what I do most, I’ll answer ‘I write stories.’

I write about my favorite things, and the worst things, but most of the things I love.

“- Stephen King “A writer doesn’t have a goal.

He has a mission.

“- Brian K. Vaughan “You need to be willing to make sacrifices to make your dreams come true.

“- Robert Downey Jr. “When the writing’s done, the only thing left to do is to enjoy the writing.

“- Richard Matheson “I don’t think I’m creative, I’m a creative person.

“- Andy Weir “When there’s nothing left to say you can go back to your work.

“- Michael Crichton “You have to get up every day, get dressed, go to the store, buy a cup of coffee, go out into the world and write.

That’s the job.


“- Jack Kerouac “When life throws you a curve ball, the one thing that’s always there is to try to work out what to do next.

“- Anthony Burgess “When people are surprised, you just get up and do it again.

“- Edgar Allan Poe “