What the NFL is doing to keep its fans healthier

The NFL has issued a directive banning players from playing on Sundays, a move that will save money by reducing travel and training costs for players. 

Players must also stay home on Sundays. 

The NFL Players Association has argued that the NFLPA should negotiate contracts with the NFL to keep players from participating in games, which would allow them to play during the holidays. 

“Players must be free to participate in the game of football,” said NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith in a statement.

“However, the NFL has no business forcing players to play games during the holiday season when most of our fans are working and home. 

 The league must not force players to participate.

The best solution is to work with the players to find a solution that allows us all to participate.”

The NFL has played host to two Super Bowls in the last two decades.

The first, in 2000, saw an NFL-record 15,734,959 fans watch the Patriots defeat the Denver Broncos 38-13 in the championship game. 

That was the second Super Bowl in franchise history. 

In 2015, the league hosted Super Bowl XLVIII, which was won by the Patriots. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is scheduled to speak about the importance of players participating in the season at a press conference on Wednesday.