How to build a church with a simple, simple concept

In a world of mass communication, how do we keep the message in the community?

It seems like a simple concept, but building a church can be surprisingly difficult and, for many people, an expensive endeavor.

Here are five creative ideas for churches that would be worth building if you were just starting out.


Church of the Sun, Arizona A little bit like a medieval church, the Church of Sun was built in 1884 on a small, rolling plain in rural Arizona.

The original building is in poor condition, but its beauty still shines through.

It’s been repurposed to serve as a church for the past five years.

A few things are unique about the building.

It has a circular facade that wraps around the perimeter of the building, with a metal cross on the roof.

Inside, the congregation has a large, metal chapel with a dome, two rows of pews, and a throne.

The sanctuary is a simple structure built of concrete and wood with a black glass roof.

The church is open to the public every Sunday and is often attended by a small congregation of about a dozen people.

The congregation is mostly made up of young people and has a mixture of Latinos and African-Americans.

If you’re interested in building a community-based church, check out the Church’s website for more information.


Green Lantern, Arizona This church, founded in 1984 by the Rev. Gary Meeks, was originally a small chapel.

But, in 2007, the church received an $800,000 renovation that turned the sanctuary into a large multi-purpose space.

The structure has been converted into a living room, dining room, kitchen, and guesthouse.

There’s a small garden with a garden bench and an ornamental fountain.

The kitchen has an oversized stainless steel sink with an aluminum bowl, and the sanctuary has a wooden altar with a large red lantern that’s covered with stained glass.

There are also two chapels and two dedicated spaces for worship, which the church uses for meditation and prayer.

The building has a small parking lot, which can be used for events or meetings.

The parking lot has a garage.


Blue Bell, Florida This church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has been a favorite of locals since it opened in 1974.

Located in the historic downtown area of the city, Blue Bell has a big roof and a simple building design with two large windows on either side.

The interior is small, but the exterior features large windows and large open-air spaces for prayer and worship.

In a nutshell, it’s a simple and beautiful structure.

The community building is open for community meetings, and there’s an open house each Sunday at 5:00pm.

The pastor is a former pastor in Florida who’s been active in the local community for 30 years.


The Church of God, Oklahoma This church was founded in 1973 in the tiny town of New Hope, Oklahoma.

This tiny church is a part of the New Hope Community Church, which is a branch of the Church.

It serves the area of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is a large congregation with a mix of people from all over the state.

The space is very large and is built on a bluff overlooking the Oklahoma River.

The roof is made of steel beams that span over two stories of the ground floor.

The inside of the church is lined with green glass and the walls are made of reclaimed lumber.

The chapel is very similar to the one in Green Lantern and has three large windows in a courtyard.

There is a small park that runs along the north side of the sanctuary and is used for community gatherings and church service.

The main sanctuary is covered in a beautiful stained glass that features a rainbow in the middle.


Black River Church, New Hampshire Black River has a long history of providing a sanctuary for the homeless and their families.

Its main sanctuary, located in a large field on the edge of town, is an original sanctuary built in 1886.

The house is now used as a homeless shelter.

The property is surrounded by the New Hampshire woods and is surrounded on all sides by a wooden fence.

The exterior is painted a dark brown color.

The doors are locked and no one enters except for the pastor.

The entire structure is made up mostly of wood with wood flooring.

There were about 30 people in the sanctuary when the structure was built.

The most recent renovation was completed in 2014 and includes a small courtyard, new interior walls, and new windows.

It is now in its 90th year.


Black Eagle Missionary Baptist Church, North Carolina This church is one of the oldest in the state, and has been open for worship for the better part of 40 years.

The Baptist church was established in 1935.

It currently has a membership of around 20,000 and is the oldest Baptist church in the country.

There has been no major renovations to the church since it was built and there are a few places in town that offer a tour.

The new interior includes new windows and a