How to make a creative flooring in less time

Creative flooring is a wonderful addition to any home.

Whether it’s for the living room or the dining room, it’s an ideal solution to create a place where all your favourite things are hanging out.

To get started, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to make your own.


Determine what kind of flooring you want to use.

This is where your creativity comes into play.

A creative floor will probably be a flat surface that is made up of a variety of materials and can be finished in a variety the colours and patterns you choose.


Choose the type of floor you want.

This will be the flooring material.

You may want to choose a flat, rectangular or circular shape, depending on what kind and style of floor your house will be. 3.

Add the necessary fittings and supports to your design.


Create your design with a sketch and a digital file.


Add colour to your flooring design using a colour paint, pencil, and marker.


Create a custom colour to match the colour scheme of your house.


When you’re finished, cut the floor out and place it in your home.


Paint it, attach it and attach your finished flooring.

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