When You See The Stars in Color, It’s Like ‘Masters of Sex’ Source Newsweek title It’s Hard to Get a ‘Star in Color’ Film to Get Made, But There Are Still Some Ways to Make Them Look Like Movies…

Creative Artists Agency’s new documentary film, ‘Star Stars in the Color,’ is a great reminder that there are still ways to make color movies look like movies.

The film is about the process of making a color-based film, from concept to production, and it’s a great way to learn more about how to make films look like a movie.

The director of the film, Mike D. Gagnon, has spent his career making movies that look good, and he tells The Huffington Post that “the only way to do that in a movie is to make it look like the movie.”

The film’s trailer features some of the most amazing imagery that he’s made, including some beautiful color photography.

The cinematography is absolutely beautiful and the film also features great cinematography from a number of talented cinematographers.

We’ve seen the trailer and we can definitely recommend this movie to anyone who loves color.

Check it out: Star Stars in The Color: A Color Odyssey.