A Creative Director’s Journey

An executive at a big creative agency has been fired over a $1.5 million payment for creating a new name for the agency’s brand.

The creative director at the agency, known as Creative One, was asked to create a new creative name by the agency for the company, which has offices in New York City and London, according to the filing.

The agency’s creative director, who asked not to be named, said that he was asked for a new branding idea by a client and was told the company would be doing creative management and branding.

The client didn’t want Creative One to create new name or use the name of another agency, the creative director said.

When he asked why the name had to be Creative One’s own, the client said the company had “lost its way” and had not been following best practices.

The new name was Creative One for Creative One and the agency said it had taken steps to improve its business, and was “making some significant changes” in order to stay relevant and attract new clients.

The client had asked for compensation of $1,550 per month for the project, which had been completed earlier this year, the filing said.

It wasn’t immediately clear why the client didn, in fact, want the name Creative One.

The name Creative has been associated with the agency since it was founded in 1996.

The company’s website says it was “the first, and only, agency to create an entire brand for the world.”