‘The Man Who Would be Queen’ author John Le Carré imagines how a female politician could be born in 2020

A ‘Man Who Would Be Queen’ writer has made an intriguing suggestion about how a woman could be chosen to run the country.

John Le Carrère is writing a book about how the Queen of England, Catherine of Aragon, could be Queen of Scotland, Catherine and the Duchess of Sussex.

Le Carrère, a novelist, writer and essayist, said: ‘The reason for the uncertainty about her future is that she’s an English monarch.

That’s why she’s going to be a woman.’

There are women who were elected to the House of Commons, the House as a whole, and it’s not because they were chosen by a man who is a monarch.’

Le Carré’s book, The Man Who would be Queen, is due out in the autumn.

The idea of the future monarch was first suggested in The Woman Who Was King by Mary Wollstonecraft.

It comes amid speculation about whether the Queen will become a woman after a coronation in 2020.

Le Cramé suggested that the Queen’s coronation would be her first as a woman, and that she would be the first female leader of the House since Elizabeth I, Queen of Scots, in 1706.

He said the Queen would be able to lead in Scotland and Wales, and the Republic of Ireland, and would be an influential member of the United Kingdom Parliament.

In order to achieve this, the Queen could have to be married to a man, Le Carrè suggested.’

I think the Queen is in a difficult position, given that she is a member of a royal family, she has to take responsibility for her husband,’ Le Carrée said.

‘The fact that she has had to marry and have children in the past does not mean that she doesn’t have the ability to take on responsibility.’

Le Cramer is the author of the novel, The Girl Who Shouldn’t Have Been born, which won the Prix Goncourt de Bordeaux, a prize for fiction.

The novel tells the story of a woman who marries a prince of a different gender.

The novel won the award for best novel in 2017.

The title of the book, which was published in French in 2018, is The Girl who Shouldn’T Been born.

LeCramé said that in the novel she is writing about a woman called the Queen, who is born in 2021.’

She is born, for reasons that I cannot imagine, in a hospital in France and is raised by nuns and has the name of Catherine of Anjou,’ Le Cramerre said.

Le Bellaire, a bookseller in Paris, said that Le Carrés work was not only important to her, but also to women in France.’

Women are often excluded from the books we buy because they are not considered women,’ Le Bellaire said.’

We must do our part to stop that happening.’

It’s the duty of every woman to be active in writing the future, not just to read but also as an active participant in the writing process.’

The book is available on Amazon for €7.99.