Which artist is most likely to inspire your creativity?

Creative people are among the most creative people in the world.

But for some people, their creative potential is severely limited by their lack of experience.

Here are some of the most famous creative people who are not in the best physical shape.1.

Neil YoungSource: Alamy 2.

Ray CharlesSource: AP 3.

Bill GatesSource: Getty Images 4.

Steve JobsSource: Rex Features 5.

Leonardo da VinciSource: Reuters 6.

James CameronSource: REUTERS 7.

Tom LehrerSource: BBC News 8.

Steve BallmerSource: The Verge 9.

Billie HolidaySource: ABC News 10.

George MartinSource: PA/Reuters 11.

Stephen HawkingSource: Associated Press 12.

Steve McQueenSource: Time 13.

Stephen SedgwickSource: Telegraph.co.uk 14.

David BowieSource: TIME 15.

Brian EnoSource: Independent.ie 16.

David ByrneSource: iStockphoto 17.

Bill WithersSource: Lulu/Getty Images 18.

Brian WilsonSource: Shutterstock 19.

Tom WaitsSource: Creative Commons.wikimedia.org 20.

Steve MartinSource the artist/photographer behind the music video for ‘We Are The World’ Source: Getty 21.

Nick CaveSource: Flickr/Dylan O’Connor 22.

Bob DylanSource: AFP 23.

Bob MarleySource: Wikimedia Commons 24.

John LennonSource: Facebook 25.

Michael JacksonSource: Pixabay 26.

PrinceSource: CC BY-SA 2.0 27.

Mick JaggerSource: © iStockPhoto.com 28.

Bobbi BrownSource: Instagram 29.

Billy JoelSource: flickr/the-wiz 30.

Bob WeirSource: Spotify 31.

David Lee RothSource: Twitter 32.

David CrosbySource: Youtube 33.

StingSource: www.felicity.net 34.

Paul McCartneySource: YouTube 35.

David GuettaSource: Courtesy of the artist source BBC Sport article Creative People are among our most creative, but we’ve also got a lot of the very best at it.

Here’s our pick of the 25 best creative people of the 21st century.


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The CureSource: youtube 18.

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