Aussie artist wins $500,000 to keep her family in Australia

AUSTRALIA has become a hotbed of innovation in the music industry.

And for artist Mandy Stiles, the success has been fuelled by a new generation of musicians who are using her song “Dance” to educate the masses.

The music industry has been a major driver of economic growth for decades, but with the economy in the midst of a severe recession, Stiles is now facing the prospect of losing her job.

Ms Stiles told the ABC the music business is booming, but she doesn’t believe it is sustainable.

“We’re seeing some artists who are starting to use their music for a wider audience,” she said.

“I think that’s really exciting, it’s not just for people who want to listen to music, it could be something for the general public who want something to drink.”

Ms Stills father, Peter Stiles also works in the entertainment industry, having created a hit show called The Muppet Show.

“It’s a very interesting show,” he said.

“It’s actually the only show on television that’s actually filmed on a live studio.”

Ms Thores says her father has helped her to find a way to stay in Australia, while his business is expanding.

“He’s made me understand that my music is not a commodity, it is my passion and my passion is my life,” she explained.

“That’s why he gave me the money to pay for my school education and my university education, and now it’s my passion as well.”

And I hope it’s the same for him and his business.

“Music has become an integral part of her life and career.”

Music has really helped me,” she added.”

So many people around the world have gone through the experience of having to go to school and to work and it’s really helped to create a bond with people.

“Stiles, who lives in Queensland, is also a proud member of the Australian Academy of Music, but says the music she plays is very different to what is available in the States.”

There are lots of people who have had a career in music, and they have to get up in the morning and sing for 20 minutes,” she noted.”

If they don’t like that they can’t sing.

“Mandy Stills’ mother, Margaret Stiles says it’s important to celebrate a generation who has embraced the art form.”

When I started singing in the 90s, the music that I loved was classical, and I think I’m still doing it today,” she told the Australian Financial Press.”

The fact that we’ve got such a large variety of music is fantastic.