Which Creative Jobs Are the Most Salary-Capable?

Creative jobs aren’t just for rich people.

For people who can afford to take on the most creative tasks, they are also among the most attractive ones.

Here are 10 of the most desirable creative jobs in the digital and media industries.


Web Developer The best part of a web developer job is having an unlimited budget.

The amount of work you can do is limitless, and you can get paid to create websites and apps that can go viral and have their own Facebook pages.

You can also work in creative fields, like graphic design, typography, or illustration, or as a freelancer.

You don’t have to be a professional designer to be creative, and if you are, the pay is excellent.

But there are a few caveats to this job, including that the hours are very limited and you will have to work with a large team of people to complete your project.


Web Designer, Senior Analyst A Senior Analyst job is one of the best jobs in creative.

The job is not only very lucrative, but it is also the best paid in the industry.

You will get paid for your work, and most of your work will be finished by the end of the month.

However, you won’t be able to take advantage of the perks of the job.

You need to be at the top of your field to get the highest pay, and because you work in an organization with hundreds of people, the hours and compensation will be very competitive.


Web Site Designer The best job in the world.

If you want to earn big bucks in creative, you should work in a creative field.

In this position, you will be working on the website of a company.

This job pays a lot and is usually the best position in the field.

You’ll get paid well for your design, graphic design and other creative work, but the hours will be extremely competitive.

You also won’t have the same opportunities as other creative jobs, such as graphic designers, typographers, and graphic designers in other industries.


Creative Designer, Design Director The position is one that is very lucrative and pays a decent salary.

This position is also very competitive because the job has a huge number of people working on it, which means the hours of work are very high.

But the hours that you can work are pretty limited and there is no bonus for getting the job done in time.


Web Designer The most creative job in digital, and the most lucrative.

You get paid $300 per hour, which is the highest in the company.

You work for a company that will take advantage by putting ads in the website and in its email newsletter, which will make you earn a lot of money.


Web Specialist This position requires a lot more time and dedication, but you get paid much more for your hard work than you would for other jobs.

The hours of the hours can be extremely limited, and they are very competitive, with many companies offering a salary bonus.


Web Architect The most lucrative job in creative if you work with someone who has a great design background.

The average salary for this job is $500 per hour.

You do a lot work, especially for an architecture project.

You have to take care of your design and have to have great knowledge about web design and HTML, which can make your job very lucrative.


Web Engineer The most profitable position in creative because you get the most money and the best working conditions.

This is a position that is usually held by the people who design websites and ads.


Web Development The most expensive job in online marketing because it is a very competitive job.

However the average salary in this job has been reported as high as $1.2 million per year.


Web Administrator The most rewarding job in all of creative.

This person is a web designer, who has to maintain a great website and keep it looking beautiful and up to date.

However you can also be a developer, developer engineer, or even a freelancing agency.

You are paid for all of your time, and that is one major advantage.

For the most part, these jobs are paid fairly, with a typical pay of around $50,000 per year, but there are some jobs that are much more lucrative, including some of the higher paying ones, such a Creative Agency, which pays upwards of $1 million per annum.

Creative Jobs in the Digital Media Industry